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A little Touhou fan game I've made somewhere in 2015 featuring Shameimaru Aya as protagonist. It has a Christmas theme and Aya is on the quest to find a real identity of the Santa Claus in this game.

Unfortunately this game was not finished and have only one level(from planned 3). I don't know if I'll finish it someday. I would like to though.

Controls as usual in Touhou games with a little quirk:

With keyboard:

Arrows - movement

Shift - Focus

Z - tapping - fire, holding - charge wind powers and release

X - bomb

Ctrl - continuous fire without charging wind power

You can also control with the gamepad, all standard ones should be supported, you can reassign buttons in the options menu.

I'm little sorry about language select though - the story in this game is available only in Russian and Japanese languages ^_^;  (I made it for russian and japanese touhou communities specifically)

Only Windows build since it was written with my custom engine. And I think fullscreen is broken in this one so better don't try to switch to fullscreen. You can resize game window.

Since this is just a fan game I used some assets that is not mine:

Ingame sprites(Aya, fairies and bullets) - credits goes to ZUN(I have redrawn fairies sprites a little though)

Music - Silver Forest and ZUN

All other including dialog sprites and illustrations is mine.


Ayaya.zip 27 MB


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Hello,I'd like to play the game on Windows 10 but spread out "Corrupted images" error with "irrKlang.dll is didn't defined to run on Windows" and Error Statu Code 0xc000012f, any solution to get with it?

Seems irrKlang.dll is not provided together, I solve it by downloading from the offical site.